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Marketing support options for Light Centre 

Special Discounted Marketing Package


  • An extended listing in two newsletters (1 month / normally £20)

  • A Poster in 4 frames (normally £40)

  • A Facebook Event created on @LightCentreUK (normally £25)


(Normally £85)

2. EXCLUSIVE LIGHT CENTRE PRICE - Your own one-page website, professionally designed by Yellow Elephant, for only £199

One-page sites are the latest thing in web design, because they work like social media sites, everything you want to read on one scrollable page. And they work great on Smartphones (which now account for over 50% of web traffic). Most of our clients are now asking for these.


So, using the latest User Experience research, we’ve developed what we think is the ideal therapist's one-page template

Always at the top of the page, allowing people to identify your service (either by your personal name or business name) and navigate anywhere on the page instantly.

The main picture. Either a picture illustrating your therapy, or a more abstract image evoking a positive emotion or feeling produced by your therapy. If you already have a suitable picture (at the correct resolution and wide landscape shape), we can use that. Alternatively we can find stunning imagery for you from photo libraries, but these can add a cost of up to £10
The H1 HEADING is a code attached to the main headline on your page. It is not only the first communication with your customer, but also the most important text for Google to identify what your page is about. We can help you compose the perfect headline.

This is where you lay out your stall, and tell customers which therapies you can provide.

This is where you explain how your therapies can help the reader. There are important legal restrictions here, but we can guide you through this minefield.


If you have previous happy clients who will give you a testimonial, this is hugely reassuring to your potential customer.


Only now that the reader is convinced that you are the right therapist for them do we show the prices, in a layout that makes the most of your pricing structure.


This is the bit most people put first, but it has been proven not to be the best introduction to a site. This section is very important, and could be named the ‘can I trust you?’ section. But it is only relevant AFTER the reader has identified that the therapies you offer are the right ones for them.


The bit where you make your sale. A telephone number, an email address and a contact form are best. Although the phone number should always appear at the top of the site too, so people don’t have to search for it.

This is our special basic package and is excellent value for £199 (normal cost £235)

And we also have a full range of extra services, should you need them.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to get you found on Google

  • Registering a unique domain name and email address (yourbusiness.co.uk) and linking it to your site.

  • Preparing images and graphics for social media pages to match your new website.

  • Logo design to really show off your brand.

  • Web design for more complex businesses. If our special offer package is not suitable for you, tell us what you need and we would be happy to prepare a bespoke quote for you.

See our price list for more details of these services.

We normally use the brilliant WIX platform to produce our websites.


Your site will be designed and available to review at wix.com. Once finished you can either host your site at WIX for free (but they put discrete WIX branding at the top and bottom of your website), or pay a monthly subscription of either £5.16 or £7.76 (depending on plan, but £5.16 is usually fine for a small business) to remove WIX ads.


We will, of course, help you open your WIX account and transfer your site to it.

Hosting your site at Wix.com

Who are Yellow Elephant?

Gary Fannin

  • Web designer with 12 years experience.

  • Marketing manager at Light Centre

  • Massage therapist

  • Excellent understanding of technical aspects of design as well as domains, hosting, SEOs and email implementation.

  • Passionate about understanding your site's requirements and user experience.

  • Yank.

Mark Robinson

  • Over 25 years of experience as an Art Director in the advertising industry.

  • Multiple award winner for design.

  • Keen understanding for communicating a product's benefits and usefulness within a specific market.

  • Geordie.

What people are saying about us

"The simple yet effective grid-based design displays fantastically well on small screens and is super-responsive.  This is a massage therapy website that really works and does the job it needs to extremely well"

Helen Hunter.
Massage Business Hub

"Gary and Mark, came up with some really creative design ideas. I felt I was really listened to, and they got it spot on.  I’m over the moon about how my website turned out, and have received loads of positive feedback from clients."

Doreen Uzice.
Clutter Clearing UK

"I believe that ones business website should be the soul of your business. Gary and Mark were the perfect link in transforming a vision in to reality."

Jacques H Poullard.
Optimal Massage Therapy

We would love to count you amongst our happy clients.

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